We help companies identify hidden opportunities and ride waves of growth faster and longer.

Sensemaking. Wayfinding.

We are a strategic agency focused on navigating companies in complex and accelerating technology fields.

Our Story

As strategic marketers with decades of experience and today’s relevant skillsets, Brad, Jac, Sierra, and Eliina noticed a change in how success happens in complex B2B marketplaces. Buyers were no longer tolerating claims to ‘disrupt’ their industries — in fact, they’d gotten really, really good at ignoring them.

From this shift, a realization emerged: Complex Ecosystem Marketing. Reaching professionals in technology starts inside the technology field. Professionals don’t want to be disrupted by marketers or harassed by salespeople — but they will investigate truthful claims that enhance their reputations in a professional field.

Disturbance precedes disruption. The professionals who are empowering businesses around the world need help to navigate the complexity of today’s technology ecosystems. They’re seeking the truth and companies who deliver it in the right way enhance their customers.

Meet the team

Dr. Brad Canham

Sierra Blake

Jac Canham

Eliina Canham